Driving social impact through technical innovation

At the Stanford Computational Policy Lab, we use technology to tackle pressing issues in criminal justice, education, voting rights, and beyond. Leveraging advances in data science, we study the impact of policy choices at unprecedented scales, and build algorithmic tools to guide high-stakes decisions. By bringing a computational perspective to public policy, we aim to improve the lives of millions of people — especially those affected by inefficient and unfair systems and practices.

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We are an interdisciplinary team of academic researchers, data scientists, and journalists who combine the power of rigorous statistical analysis with rich visual narratives to drive social impact. We span a wide range of disciplines across the University, including Engineering, Humanities and Sciences, and Law.

Sophie Allen


William Cai


Alex Chohlas-Wood

Executive Director

Madison Coots

Data Scientist

Johann Gaebler


Sharad Goel


Josh Grossman


Joe Nudell

Lead Engineer

Cheryl Phillips

Faculty Director

Ravi Shroff