🇺🇸 Join our Get Out the Vote Party! 🥳

Friday, October 9th from 2-4pm Pacific

Come help us increase civic engagement and voter turnout across the country.

👋🏾 2:00pm

Welcome ❤️

🎤 2:10pm

Andrew Gelman will talk about the history, practice, influence, and incentives involved in election forecasting. For background, see here.

🎟 2:24pm

First raffle!

🎤 2:25pm

Moon Duchin will discuss the mathematics of gerrymandering.

👾 2:40pm

Game time! Led by SCPL's very own Sabina Tomkins!

🎁 2:59pm

Second raffle!

🎤 3:00pm

A fireside chat with Emily Rong Zhang and Andre Banks on their on-the-ground work empowering voters. Moderated by Alex Chohlas-Wood.

☎️ 3:30pm

A quick intro to phone banking by StanfordVotes!

🎤 3:40pm

Sharad Goel will show how the birthday paradox can be used to debunk claims of double voting.

🥰 3:55pm

Final raffle and goodbye!

During the call, we’ll all be handwriting letters provided by Vote Forward, a non-partisan initiative aiming to encourage turnout for 10 million voters. Vote Forward provides blank letters and addresses — all you have to do is write a brief statement on why you vote, sign the letter, and prepare the envelope!

Think you’ll need help assembling materials? We’ll send you a complete letter-writing kit: blank letters, stamps, and envelopes! If you think you’ll need a kit, sign up below by 11:59pm Pacific on Thursday, October 1st, so we can kickoff the process of assembling your packet!

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Andre Banks

A/B Partners

Alex Chohlas-Wood

Stanford University

Moon Duchin

Tufts University

Andrew Gelman

Columbia University

Sharad Goel

Harvard University

Sabina Tomkins

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Emily Rong Zhang

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